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Welcome to Levin Orthodontics, led by the skilled Dr. Levin, is your trusted provider for braces in Buckhead. We specialize in offering personalized orthodontic care with a range of braces options to suit every need and lifestyle.

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Types of Braces at Levin Orthodontics

At Levin Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of orthodontic solutions to meet the unique needs of each patient. Understanding that every smile is different, we provide both traditional metal braces and innovative LightForce Clear Braces. Each type of brace comes with its own set of advantages, catering to various preferences and orthodontic requirements. Whether you're looking for the proven effectiveness of metal braces or the aesthetic appeal of clear braces, our options ensure that your journey to a perfect smile is tailored to your lifestyle and goals.

Metal Braces
Metal Braces

Metal braces, a staple in orthodontics for decades, have undergone significant advancements. Today's versions are smaller, more comfortable, and aesthetically improved, making them a versatile choice for all ages. Ideal for complex orthodontic cases, these braces offer unparalleled effectiveness in correcting severe misalignments. At Levin Orthodontics, Dr. Levin leverages these modern metal braces to provide effective, personalized treatment, ensuring a successful orthodontic journey.

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LightForce Clear Braces

LightForce Clear Braces mark a leap forward in orthodontic options, offering a discreet alternative to metal braces. Favored by teens and adults, these clear braces blend with your teeth, providing effective treatment with a less visible appearance. They maintain the functionality of traditional braces while catering to aesthetic preferences. Dr. Levin at Levin Orthodontics recommends these for patients seeking a subtle yet comprehensive orthodontic solution.

Your Orthodontic Journey at Levin Orthodontics

Beginning your orthodontic journey at Levin Orthodontics starts with a free consultation. During this initial visit, Dr. Levin will conduct a thorough examination, which may include x-rays and digital imaging, to determine the most effective treatment plan for your needs. We discuss all available options, ensuring you are fully informed and comfortable with your decision. Once you decide to proceed, we guide you through every step of the process, from fitting your braces to adjusting them throughout your treatment. Our goal is to make your orthodontic experience as smooth and effective as possible, leading to a beautiful, healthy smile.

Choose Your Path to a Perfect Smile

At Levin Orthodontics, your care and satisfaction are our top priorities, regardless of which treatment option you choose. Whether you opt for traditional metal braces or the modern LightForce Clear Braces, Dr. Levin and our team are dedicated to providing exceptional care. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards a confident, radiant smile.