Blend in with custom clear braces.

LightForce brackets are designed, programmed, and manufactured specifically for you. With digital treatment planning technology and custom 3D-printed brackets, you can get a new level of precision and aesthetics at Levin Orthodontics.

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Faster and more precise, and with fewer appointments, too!*

A. Waldman, et al. "Clinical efficiency of LightForce 3D-printed custom brackets." Journal of Clinical Orthodontics. May 2023.



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Traditional metal braces.
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New LightForce braces.

May the LightForce be with you.

Modern advancements in orthodontic technology have pushed LightForce ahead of its competitors in recent years.

LightForce partners your doctor's expertise with proprietary AI to plan a one size fits one treatment plan instead of predetermined, generic tooth positions.

With an unmatched level of precision in positions, angulations, and force applications, Dr. Levin has control over your smile like never before.

Patients can even choose between a sparkling bright white or pearly natural tooth-colored brackets.

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The Light choice for kids and adults alike.

After a thorough orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Levin, we can determine which treatment option best suits you and your smile.

Schedule a free consultation at our East Cobb or Sandy Springs office to learn if LightForce custom clear braces are right for you.