Orthognathic (jaw) surgery.

At Levin Orthodontics, we provide a multi-disciplinary approach for skeletal and cosmetic change.

Dr. Zachary Levin

Orthodontics together with jaw surgery for true facial change.

Orthognathic, or jaw, surgery in addition to orthodontic treatment may be recommended to correct significant skeletal discrepancies of the upper and lower jaws. These irregularities can manifest as functional issues or cosmetic concerns.

Working alongside some of Atlanta's top oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthognathic surgery in conjunction with comprehensive orthodontic treatment can correct these skeletal problems while improving overall facial aesthetics.

Surgical cases typically require pre- and post-surgical orthodontics to prepare the bite for surgery and provide a precise end result, respectively.

The good news is that orthognathic surgery is not always required when a skeletal discrepancy exists. Depending on the severity of the skeletal condition, orthodontic treatment alone can provide beautiful results.