Guide To Your First Week in Braces

Realigning your smile is a big step to take in your dental journey. Our team at Levin Orthodontics is happy to walk through everything you need to know to ensure we help you meet your smile goals. In our guide to your first week of braces, you will learn everything from the benefits of braces to understanding how to care for them at home.


How Can Braces Help You?

Smooth Digestion

There are plenty of benefits to beginning braces treatment and straightening your smile that affect your general and mental health, including enjoying a smoother digestion process after meals. When aligned teeth are able to properly chew your food into small, bite-sized pieces, your stomach and intestine work through the digestion process without any trouble, boosting your daily nutritional intake and avoiding uncomfortable stomachaches.

Increase Your Self-Esteem

Many unhappy with their smile tend to hide it during times of excitement and avoid showing their teeth. At Levin Orthodontics, braces prove time and time again an overwhelming confidence boost when a patient’s teeth are in an ideal position. We strive to boost your self-esteem so you can enter social situations without a problem.

Easier Oral Hygiene

Aligned teeth help to reduce hard-to-reach areas of your mouth to brush and prevent food from hiding in small crevices. Brushing and flossing become much more straightforward, protecting against developing cavities, excessive plaque buildup, and bacteria growth. The simplicity of maintenance encourages consistent care habits and leads to a beautiful smile.


How Long Will Treatment Last?

A very common question we get is how long treatment lasts. The answer varies from patient to patient but, on average, lasts between one to three years to straighten your smile. When Dr. Levin goes over the details of your personalized treatment plan, he will be able to give a better idea of what to expect for your individual case. We strive to complete your care promptly and will do everything in our power to help you along the process. 


Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions 

Remember, we are for your treatment needs each and every step of the way. Levin Orthodontics understands that getting your braces can initially feel like an overwhelming experience. Still, our team will do our best to make it as stress-free and straightforward as possible. 

One of the ways we work to do so is by providing you with this guide! Each of these tips is a great starting point for keeping your teeth and appliances in great shape so you can reap the benefits for years to come.


Guide To Your First Week in Braces

Know How To Deal With Early Pain and Irritation 

As your teeth get used to your appliance being in your mouth and the constant pressure it places on your teeth, you may experience discomfort or irritation. This is entirely normal and tends to go away on its own without additional care. However, if it bothers you, there are some things you can do at home to provide relief.

If the brackets rubbing against the inside of your cheeks or gums irritates, use orthodontic wax to cover specific areas of your appliance and create a smooth layer over it. You can additionally use non-prescription painkillers to relieve any soreness in your teeth. 


Keep A Care Kit With You

Especially as you adjust to your new appliance, our team suggests having the essentials to keep your braces in perfect shape when leaving the house. Put together a small care kit with the following items to cover you wherever you are.

Toothbrush And Toothpaste

Levin Orthodontics recommends keeping a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste with you to stay on top of brushing your teeth. When between meals, you can ensure your teeth stay clear of small food particles throughout the day by brushing after each meal.

Orthodontic Wax

A great tool to combat irritation, orthodontic wax can cover up and smooth out sharp or pointy areas of your appliance. Should it fall off without you knowing it, don’t worry! It is safe for your system to digest.

Floss and Threaders

When a piece of food your toothbrush can’t reach gets stuck in your braces, having floss and a special threader to remove it can be a lifesaver! Simply weave the flexible plastic stick between your braces and under your wire to clear out any leftovers. Where brushing as usual does not allow you to reach, it can get anything! 

Over-The-Counter Painkillers

If you experience discomfort in your mouth or teeth from mouth sores, inflammation, loose wires, or the like, taking over-the-counter pain relief can help manage those symptoms. We understand addressing pain promptly and efficiently is essential so you can continue your day. 


Careful With Your Food Selection

Changing your eating habits may take time to get used to. When wearing braces, you must keep them in mind when choosing which foods to eat so as not to damage them or interfere with your treatment plan. 

What You Can Eat

Being mindful of your food selections after your braces get placed is essential to protect them from damage and keep your treatment on schedule. Especially in the first week of braces, Dr. Levin recommends eating soft, easy-to-chew foods to avoid any soreness. Pasta, soup, smoothies, yogurt, and well-cooked chicken are all great options!

What To Steer Clear Of

Unfortunately, some restrictions come with wearing braces, such as avoiding sticky, hard, or crunchy foods that could damage your appliance. They are not meant to withstand the excessive chewing pressure of foods like popcorn, crackers, dense bread, nuts, and apples. If your favorite food is something you will need to avoid, remember the wonderful smile results will be worth the wait!


Guide To Your First Week in Braces

Take The Next Step In Your Oral Health!

When it comes to keeping your teeth on track with your treatment plan, Levin Orthodontics will work with you to ensure you feel confident caring for your teeth at home. We proudly serve Sandy Springs, Marietta, and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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