We Are Here for Your Orthodontic Emergencies

At Levin Orthodontics, the support we offer you during routine care further extends to unforeseen emergencies you may experience outside of the office. The good news is a lot of common orthodontic emergencies have temporary at-home solutions that can be administered by an adult. Let us share with you how to best preserve your smile and how to take care of discomfort at home. Dr. Levin and our team are here for your orthodontic emergencies!


Upholding Your Smile Down The Road

Save Your Teeth From Harm With A Mouthguard

No matter how old you are, if you are a particularly active person, you may benefit from wearing a mouthguard to protect your teeth from related injuries. Though typically contact-sports related, mouthguards act as a protective barrier by taking the blow from a fall or hit before your teeth suffer. You can count on them to save you from unnecessary dental work in the future and preserve all your permanent teeth.

Regularly Drinking Water

Drinking water is not only vital to your general health, but it is a huge help in maintaining a healthy smile. Keeping yourself hydrated also keeps plaque from sticking to your teeth by diluting the acids that can harm your tooth enamel over time. Choosing water over juices or soda promotes overall health for your smile in the long run.

Upholding Dental Hygiene

When you regularly practice dental hygiene habits, you are actively protecting your smile for years to come. Brushing and flossing twice a day not only keeps your teeth healthy, but it also preserves your breath, protects you from gum disease, and upholds your general health. 

With braces, it can prove to be a little harder when your teeth are partially covered, but worry not! Levin Orthodontics provides each of our braces patients with special floss threaders to get in those hard-to-reach spots and rid your mouth of any leftover food from the day. We are more than happy to show you the proper technique on your next visit!

Prioritizing Your Orthodontic Checkups

When Dr. Levin has the opportunity to see you regularly, he is able to get to know your teeth even better to track your progress and be on the lookout for any potential problems down the line. We believe the earlier a diagnosis is made, the better! Our team loves getting to see our patients come in and see their smiles forming into place more and more each visit!


We Are Here for Your Orthodontic Emergencies

How To Handle Common Orthodontic Dilemmas At Home

Mouth Sores

Similar to canker sores, these sensitive bumps on the skin can irritate the area around your lips, gums, and tongue. They are quite sensitive to the touch, so it is best to avoid directly touching them. 

Though they go away within two weeks, we suggest a couple of solutions to ease discomfort, with the first being rinsing your mouth with warm salt water. Repeating this daily can get rid of any bad bacteria left lingering around. You can also apply a topical gel such as Ora-Gel to ease the soreness.

Loose Retainer Or Aligner

A loose appliance may be the result of eating a crunchy or sticky piece of food, which can lead to discomfort. If your retainer is clear of any loose parts that could potentially fall off during use, you can continue wearing it until we can adjust it at your next appointment. Do not force it in place to avoid potentially bending it out of place. This could affect the position that your teeth shift into or loosen it further.

A Loose Or Pokey Wire

As your teeth start shifting, it is possible a wire may come loose from its place. If it is sticking out completely, the first thing you want to do is use a pair of sterile tweezers to thread it back through the bracket. If you can feel the sharp edge of it, cover it with a small amount of orthodontic wax to prevent it from giving you any cuts or scratches. If still bothersome, you may use sterile nail clippers to clip it at its base to avoid further discomfort.

General Soreness

Though not an immediate emergency, it can still be uncomfortable to eat or talk with the temporary soreness that comes with the beginning of your braces journey. If it really starts to bother you, we recommend sticking to soft foods so as not to aggravate anything. You can also rinse with warm salt water to provide some relief and get rid of any bacteria that may be lingering. If soreness becomes severe, please call us so we can give you some tips to help ease the discomfort!


Be Prepared With An Emergency Kit

Unexpectedly, getting caught in an emergency can be daunting, we have got you covered! We have created a list of items that can help aid some common emergencies during treatment. Proactively keeping them all available to you in a small travel-size bag will help ensure your orthodontic journey is smooth sailing!

  • Orthodontic Wax: to assist with pointy wires or ease appliance material irritation against your cheeks and lips
  • Floss: to rid of any pesky leftover pieces of food stuck in your teeth or gums your toothbrush can’t seem to reach
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: to clean your teeth between meals (especially for Invisalign wearers) and keep your teeth clean while out
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers: to ease any pain or tenderness if your teeth are feeling sensitive and are still adjusting
  • Nail clippers: to clip a broken wire and help avoid any cuts on your lips and cheeks


We Are Here for Your Orthodontic Emergencies

Support Is Just A Phone Call Away!

We understand when braces are new, it may be hard to determine the severity of an issue, so never hesitate to call (678-712-4915) or text (770-952-5255) if you are unsure about how to handle a situation or need our support. Your comfort and experience is our top priority. Dr. Levin and our team at the Sandy Springs and East Cobb practices are always ready to spring into action when you need us!

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